fighting angry!

sometimes it’s ok to get angry.  even though i don’t like it, i know it’s a natural emotion.  i feel as long as it doesn’t lead to any destructive behaviors or actions, the feeling itself can propel ourselves to something even greater.  i mean, without the feeling, the motivation to do ‘something’ might be weak.  but if you’re angry, well, you’re super motivated to do that ‘something.’  so, i say, give in to it in a controlled environment, then ultimately use it to do better.  for me, i’ve been getting angry with my slow progression in developing my artwork, so hopefully you’ll see me redouble my efforts to get better.

speaking of art, when i finished that third panel, i was pretty happy.  but now, a few weeks later, it looks a bit off.  i think i should’ve added more dark shadows and shading, to make it fit in with the other panels.  also, that first panel should’ve been a bit more details.  i probably got lazy with those dashed lines.

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let’s dance

when you’re feeling down for whatever reason, there’s really only two choices – to fight harder or just give up.  in that situation, i wonder how people decide which route to take.  is it just something innate in us?  or is it something we can train ourselves to deal better with?  i hope it’s the latter with life’s little struggles and how we deal with them that will hopefully tell the world what we’re really made of.  hmm, i guess that means i should get away from this computer and start exercising!

as some of you may know, Finn comics has first and foremost always been a way for me to experiment with my art and get better at it.  ultimately, i’d love to work in the comic book industry and be a professional comic book artist.  therefore, i’ve been trying to introduce more dynamic and action scenes into Finn, to get me more experience.  i hope you’re up for the adventure as Finn’s story gets more fantastical!

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don’t count

so, we build on last week’s strip and we are knee-deep into this argument.  i don’t know about many of you out there, but i’ve consistently had a problem of just ‘letting go’ after an argument.  i mean, after such a traumatic, emotional experience can i simply move on and quickly and easily?  but i’ve also learned that for a long term relationship to have the best chance of survival, having a short term memory like i do also helps!  my advice, learn to forget often!

so, as i finished drawing this strip, i asked my frequent art-jamm partner for his thoughts.  so Kevin of asked me what art style am i drawing in these days.  my response was in whatever style i felt like for the week.  i guess my point is my art style is continually changing as i hoped it would, so you may see fluctuations in Finn for awhile to come.

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some honesty

i think i wrote about this a long time ago, but it deserves repeating.  i was reading an article out of a guy’s magazine and the point of it was that open honesty in every facet of the relationship is not a good thing.  honesty is a great thing, but we’ve got to be super careful on what to share.  honest about every detail about you and your past relationships?  nah.  honest about the major issues with your past relationship?  yeah.  i know today’s strip deals with a topic that yes, you should be honest about.  in fact, Finn should’ve been proactive about this before waiting until it got to this point.

so, i made this strip like over 2 months ago.  back then, i thought it was great.  but looking at it again with fresh eyes i see all my errors.  in the first panel, the background needs to distinguish the ground to the background, cause it looks like Elle is floating in mid-air!  and in that last panel, although Finn’s body pose looks great, that facial expression is just weird.  hopefully next week’s will be better!

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fight, fight!

i’d like to continue from last week’s message and talk about how we’re just not entitled to anything.  the notion that because we’re now friends, you should be invited all events i have is absurd.  first of all, sometimes you just want to hang out one-on-one with someone, or with just a smaller group.  and secondly, invites should be reciprocated.  if i invite you to some of my events, i should be invited to some of your events.  and if you don’t normally set up events, perhaps you should.  the act of setting up an event and inviting you, no matter how casual an affair, takes some effort.  you should be asking yourself, what are you doing to contribute to the relationship if not reciprocating invites.  maybe you should just bring food, that would be just as awesome!

really enjoyed drawing this week’s strip, for all the obvious reasons!  and i say, who cares about the background, you get all the action and you don’t even need to know where they are!  am i right or am i right?!

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should friends ever fight?  i’d like to think not but i know the majority of friends do fight and they’re all the stronger for it.  but what can you reasonably fight about?  politics?  religion?  girls/guys?  let’s focus on that last topic.  is it really ok for friends to fight over a potential love interest?  most of the time, it’s the love relationships that come and go, and the friends that last through it all.  but in the grand scheme of things, when you meet the right person, that love relationship will last your entire life.  so, should you fight for it?  hmm.

yeah, i apologize for that last panel.  going without reference, i was trying to figure it out by hand, kinda like sculpting using a pencil and paper.  in the end, i don’t think i got it right.  but i do like that second panel with Ace!

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if the feedback is negative, it never feels good.  criticism, even if it’s true, and even if we’ve known about, it never feels good.  but maybe, it’s necessary.  maybe we to hear it from someone who cares about us so that we may catch ourselves next time.  but, it never feels good.  i wise person told me that with any feedback, just be open to it and don’t be defensive about it.  it may not be 100% accurate or true, but maybe even 5% of it is.  so, just sit back, be open, and take it.  cause i’m willing to bet, the person who’s giving us the feedback isn’t enjoying it either.  let’s make it easier for everybody cause we all care.

lots of fun to draw this week’s strip.  flipping to the more realistic style is always fun and presents new challenges.  and that last panel really portrayed what i was going for, a bit of a loving environment but still not enjoyable.

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