look out there

so, are you contributing more than you’re consuming in life?  and i don’t mean just at work, but all around in life – with your friends, your family, etc.  at the end of the day, can you reflect back and see if you’ve added more to society than taken from it?  don’t get me wrong, every so often it’s ok to take more and take advantage of things more, especially if life throws it at you.  i just think a measure of a good community is when everybody in it is about each other more than than themselves.  perhaps that was what life was like in the 1940’s?

pretty happy with how the art turned out this week, with the up perspective and the ink shading.  not sure if the transition works (nor the joke), but i still like it!  i will say, it took quite awhile with the blue pencils to get the upward shot right.

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keep digging

do you know what that things is?  that thing in your life that you just can’t live without?  and what is that thing?  is it worth it to live for that?  yeah, i know, if you’re honest right now, the answer could be obvious or it could be quite scary.  but it’s a good checkpoint in our life, to see how far we’ve come and much farther we have to go.  if i’m on this so-called journey through life, it’s nice to look behind me and what’s out front, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit and enjoy the scenery.

as for the art, i’m def still trying to improve upon my background art skills.  but how do you draw clouds?!  and sun light?!  that’s where color could handle it so easily.  and i’m still working on my shading with inks, as you can tell in that last panel.  but hey, it’s all a test bed for me.

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on the ranch

i really enjoy drawing.  so much so, every year i take a week off from my daytime job to simply draw.  i think i enjoy it so much because i can lose myself in it and what i produce, i take pride in.  so, in this week’s strip, we observe Finn really committing to be the ranch hand and trying to do the best he can.  and if Finn is anything like me, i would imagine he’s feeling a great sense of happiness, knowing at the end of the day he’s put all he’s got into it – regardless of how well he actually is at it!  i guess that’s my soap box message for the week, that i hope you’re putting passion into what you’re doing each day.

so, i wanted to give Finn some little bit of facial hair and i don’t think it looks really good.  (which might actually be very realistic!)  i had to use thicker Copic pens this time, knowing i would be shrinking it down for the online edit.  lastly, it was nice challenging myself drawing some animals for a change.

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whatever you say

i’ve never really understood the whole love-hate relationship thing.  you see it in romantic comedies sometimes where the girl and guy at first hates the way they behave, but over time, realizes they have fallen in love.  although i explore that a little bit right now, i promise i won’t be following that recipe!  but, i can imagine how a relationship like that could be exhilarating and even challenging.  with such an opposing personality, i think it could be healthy to see those different sides, to see ourselves in a different way.

lots of fun drawing the Ford car this week.  the background was also fun, getting the point across to you (the audience) with minimal amount of lines.  and that second panel was particularly difficult – trying to make it fit with those word captions and still make it interesting.  thankfully there is Photoshop!

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sending a signal

i always try to tie the comic strip to a specific aspect of a relationship.  this week, it’s gonna be a stretch.  i think it’s very important to know and really understand what the person you’re talking to is listening for.  don’t get me wrong, i hope your close friends and relationships truly listen to just hear you.  but i think more often than not, people you talk to are either preoccupied or have a predisposition.  so, to really get through to them, you’ve got to speak to them on their terms, sometimes in their language.  in this case, Finn was expressing himself when he should be doing what the rancher asked him to do.

and yeah, i just wanted to draw a giant bat symbol.

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you can’t refuse

talk about new experiences!  i wish there were ways that weren’t so disruptive to our regular life where we could go gain all kinds of life experiences or skills.  just like Groundhog Day where Bill Murray was able to learn all these cool skills!  i’d go learn martial arts, do vocal lessons, and learn how to live in the woods.  so much to do, so little time.

for this week, we introduce the Rancher!  maybe i should have made his mustache bigger…

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are people from the country that much more friendly?  that’s what i hear whenever i run into someone from that area or has passed through that area and it makes me wonder how that came to be.  are people in the city less friendly because they’re just so busy and stressed out they don’t have time to be friendly?  it seems unfair to say people in the country are less busy than those in the city.  whatever the case, the food is delicious!

this week’s slight art challenge, which i admittedly need to be more brave, is in drawing that waitress.  after so many years of drawing skinny, stick-like characters, i gotta break though and draw characters of all kinds of shape.

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new beginnings

welcome to the new year’s!  i hope you had a great holidays with your loved ones.  and i’d also like to take the time to say thank you to you for (still) reading this comic strip.  i started drawing Finn back in December of 2007 as simply a means to keep my regularly producing new artwork.  years later, i find myself still enjoying drawing the character and see my art skills have (hopefully) improved.  thanks for sticking with me on this journey and i hope you enjoy what i have in store for this new year.  heck, i hope Finn does too!

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my top 10 movies from 2012!

man, I love putting together this list every year! my top 10 movies released in 2012 are:

10. Game Change
9. Skyfall
8. Lawless
7. The Vow
6. Argo
5. Prometheus
4. Chronicle
3. The Avengers
2. Les Miserables
1. The Dark Knight Rises

as for honorable mentions, I have Flight and Life of Pi. and I have to admit, I haven’t seen some potentially great movies, which I will, such as Django Unchained, Zero Dark Thirty, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Lincoln, and The Impossible.

if you’ve read this far, then you must really care what I think so I’ll keep commenting. The Dark Knight Rises has to be the top spot compared to all the others. it is the end to a great, epic trilogy that changed he landscape of movies, plus what a fitting ending. maybe I put Les Miserables higher on the list because that was the last movie I watched, but wow was it powerful! so many themes and great music that almost got me to cry. I think Chronicle was a small game changer for me because that is totally how real super powers would manifest itself in the real world. Prometheus was BWAMM BWAMM BWAMM. Argo, being kind if like learning history, was riveting and had a woman in the theatre cheering them on. I love hypothetical questions and The Vow presented a whopper of one. Lawless featured some superb acting from Tom Hardy, Guy Pierce, and Jessica Chastain. and finally, Game Change was such a unique insight into what probably really happened regarding the 2008 election and Palin.

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well, this is it folks, time for a new beginning for Finn and his upcoming adventures.  today, we say goodbye to a cast of characters that has been with Finn throughout for several years now.  Ace, representing the part of Finn that has the confidence and charisma for any situation.  Remy, the part of Finn that’s in touch with his inner self.  Alex, the academic and knowledgeable aspect of Finn.  Owen, the hands-on, no non-sense kind of man.  and Ivy, the ever-present part of Finn that is vain and selfish.  without them, his friends, Finn would’ve been nothing.  from here on out, we’ll see what the future brings!

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