place to see

i’ve never been to Austin, Texas, but i hear so many good things about it.  the majority of the comments have to do with their culture and how out front they are when it comes to new artistic movements.  the other comments i hear is how in the span of just 20, 30 years, Austin reinvented itself into what we know it as today.  considering how long it takes for change to happen sometimes, i find it amazing that a city has gone from being on the brink of bankruptcy to a thriving mecca of art and culture.  i tip my hat to you, city of Austin.

so, i did it again.  i drew an entire strip before i had the punchline! i know, i know, it’s a horrible thing to do.  so, before i draw this next one, i’m gonna layout the next several comic strips in hopes of actually being funny in my ‘comic’ strips.

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inner ramblings

i think you’ve probably read more than normal this week on my website, so like they say in the comics: ‘Nuff said!

artwork wise, i had actually drawn a whole lot more for this comic strip.  but after i was done, i just wasn’t happy with it.  so i decided to just cover it up and go simple.  what do you think?  should i have kept it?

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salt breeze

where is it that you feel the most freedom?  i feel like it is most people’s hobbies.  whether it’s playing sports or going boating or maybe shopping.  for me, it’s a lot of things, including drawing on lazy sundays.  to zone out for a few hours, yet concentrated on something very specific.  i find freedom in those minutes.

back to practicing with my copic markers, which i’m pretty happy with.  i think i may need to buy more color copics, so i can color in more than just black and whites.

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among life

how can you be surrounded by so much life yet still feel so alone?  well, it happens everyday, to almost everyone.  what does it take to simply reach out to someone?  maybe it’s that weird duality that before you can reach out to others, you have to be totally ok with just being alone.  it drove me nuts back when i was dating how when i was single, i couldn’t get a date for the life of me.  but as soon as i was dating someone, it felt like other girls were popping out of the wood works!  so if life trying to teach us we’ll get what we want as soon as we’re not looking for it anymore?

really happy with today’s artwork.  it’s that rare moment when what i had envisioned actually manifests itself on the paper!  but, if i had to critique myself, maybe i should remember to do more line variations, to give more of a sense of depth.

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finn and i

i’m actually feeling kinda lonely right now.  and you know what, maybe that’s ok.  maybe it’s good to feel this way every once in awhile to really appreciate who i have in my life.  just like any relationship, it’s so easy to forget the big picture and only see what’s in front of you.  lonely times like this forces me to take a look at the great landscape and see who all is in it, even if they’re on the fringes of the map.  maybe now is a good time to go visit those on the fringes and basically expand my map.

like with all my comic strips, i have grand visions of how awesome they will look but often after i’m done, i’m just so-so happy with it.  don’t get me wrong, i am happy with it and it definitely conveyed what my vision was, but for some reason, i think it’s missing more ‘pop’ factor.  it’s alright, i’ll just endeavor to always do better.

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at the counter

do you agree with that last statement?  i think in general that if more people asked for what they want in a relationship, they’d probably actually get it.  as i’ve learned though, there’s this chicken and the eggs dilemma.  if you ask for it, does it still mean as much?  or because you had to ask for it, now it doesn’t count?  i think i’ll acknowledge that it may not mean as much, but surely it still means something, otherwise, why did you want it to begin with?!  logically, i would think having something (even though it didn’t mean as much as you thought) is better than having nothing at all.

apparently that first panel was a lot tougher than i thought.  i guess i need to re-double my effort in paying attention to the details and really establishing that setting shot.  i’m just saying, in retrospect and getting some feedback, i could’ve done more than just have a sales counter.  there’s always next time!

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i love learning new skills.  if i could, i’d totally go for that Groundhog movie concept where i could learn all those talents then stop at any time.  i’d come back to my regular life as a black belt in martial arts, a great guitar player, and a master pastry chef!  i think it is important to stretch ourselves and learn something new every so often.  it simply makes for more exciting conversation!

as for artwork, how do you the overwhelming SIX panels!  that’s like getting TWO comic strips in just ONE week!  i doubt i nailed that last panel but it was still fun drawing Finn around a boat, especially with all that rope.

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the time please

i’ve probably covered this in a previous comic strip’s commentary, but i’ll say it again here.  that it’s worthwhile to do a drive just by yourself, perhaps with no destination in mind.  perhaps for you it’s going for a jog for no pre-determined distance.  every once in a while, it might be nice to leave the watch at home, not have your cell phone or be anywhere near a wall clock.  it’s ok to lose yourself and to lose track of the multiple balls that you’re juggling in the air.  but only every once in a long while!

really enjoyed drawing this week’s comic strip.  i struggled quite a bit to get the five panels to fit together with the common road but because of the angles i wanted, it didn’t come out as great as i thought it would.  plus i feel stuck drawing so realistically.  even years later drawing a comic strip, i have trouble with exaggeration!

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