and just like that, everything changes

how far do you push?  you know you want more.  more is never enough.  (i stole that last line from the upcoming new movie The Wolf of Wall Street!)  so in life, how far do you push before you should settle and just be happy.  if you just resign yourself to being happy and not pushing for much at all, is that so bad?  i guess it depends on who you ask and what they value.  i think that’s when it gets confusing and dangerous – when other people’s values are reflected on you.  now you’re living to someone else’s standard and expectations.  don’t let that happen.

a whopping six panels!  and if i had done better planning, i think there would’ve been a seventh panel where i show that saleslady saying something funny after Finn has been kidnapped.  and yes, that’s what’s going on, Finn has been kidnapped!  clearly this comic strip is going into new territory and i hope you’ll stick with me on this journey.  i feel like i’m breaking one of my cardinal rules for this comic strip, which was to make every story relate-able.  well, hopefully you can still relate to the message i’m trying to make in this story arch.  enjoy!

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