skip the reason

so, is this Finn trying to escape or is it him actively trying to find something more than what he had in his life back home?  does it matter the reason why he’s on this journey?  in the end, Finn walks away with a lot more adventure, and a lot more life experiences, which can only make him more well-rounded and worldly.  i guess i’m just wondering if it matters the reason why someone does something, as long as the end result is a positive.  does the end justify the means for Finn?

in regards to the artwork, there were a couple things I tried out this week.  first off, adding some characters that are not just skinny, stick figure types.  hopefully you’ll see more people of all shapes and sizes soon.  also, i’m working on lighting and ink shading.  not sure how well i did on either of these fronts.  and i guess Finn got paid enough (reference the last story arc) to fly first class!

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