the cool

i gotta say, i think Ace has a point here.  it really doesn’t matter what you do or where you are in your life.  what’s important is how you carry yourself during these times.  with some style, some humor, and loads of confidence, you could get away with so much!  as well meaning as Finn is, he’s still attributing his success/failures to the circumstances.  when in fact, what happens in his life is simply because of who he is.  Ace’s life strategy, however, is to just keep on doing what he does best, even if it’s with zombies!

as youcan probably tell, after the last couple strips, i was ‘dying’ to draw some zombies!  lots of fun drawing them with the bones sticking out and skin hanging.  even threw in some blood splatters!  with the background, i tried something different.  straight to think black inks, and winging it as i went!  i don’t really enjoy drawing the backgrounds all that much so the more time i can save doing it, the better.  and i kinda liked how it turned out!

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