30 minute morning sketch!

continuing with Hbo’s Games of Thrones characters, today we sketch up the cutest one, lil Bran Stark.  decided to use a Copic 0.1 for the face details and a 0.5 for the thicker hair and clothing.  in this pic, i imagine Bran is just a curious little kid, dressed ready for the adventures of the day!

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convene the board

you get the phone call.  you rush over quick as possible.  your friend is in need.  and you’ve got the answer.

it’s perhaps one of the most important job as a friend – to offer your advice to whatever scenario your friend needs help with.  i think the fact they’re asking you for your thoughts is a great compliment.  not only do they trust you enough, but they feel safe enough to hear what you have to say.  so, don’t abuse it.  offer your heartfelt suggestion and see what happens.  of course, if it’s a friend that calls on you way too often, then well, it’s a good thing we have caller ID these days.

whew, this week’s comic took quite awhile.  trying to draw the realistic style for this week, i still don’t think it’s realistic enough.  but i am happy with the panel breakdown though.  your thoughts?

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so, hopefully we’re not going to the extreme of rating our dates (even though there are sites for that!) but i know most people do (and should?) talk about it with your friends afterwards.  i say should because i think a second opinion on how you did and/or having the other person take note of what works and what doesn’t is great.  i learned years ago hogging onto information is no way to live at work.  so, why not translate that into the social scene as well and divulge what works and what doesn’t work to your friends?  it feels like we’re all in this together anyways, let’s make the most of it!

very happy with the concept for this one.  turning the simple silhouette into something a lot more detailed, yet, dare i say, simple!  not sure if the cityscape in the background turned out great, but that’s what happens with you’re crunched for time!

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sketch night!

sketch night was actually last week but just getting around to posting it now.  this week we have a model who actually works as a burlesque dancer!  and in all honesty, she was a great model and had some very fun artistic poses.  well, let’s get to it!

we start off with our usual 30 second sketches.  this month i decided to focus on the wireframe of the body posture.  (last month i tried to focus on flowing hair.)  i’m using a thick Copic sketch marker that’s about to run out.

next, one minute sketches.  halfway through these, i get sick of the marker running out and started using a fresh Copic sketch.  free flowing ink feels so good!

next, a few 5 minute sketches.  still wanting to do work on my wireframe technique, i switch to a very thick lead drafting pencil for roughs.  this allowed me to get the posture angles and proportions closer.  then it was back to the Copic sketch.

tonight’s challenge sketch (which lasts 15 minutes and then an additional 5 minutes for cleanups) was to incorporate the easter bunny.  now, every month i give an honest effort to win this contest but am always blown away by competition (very humbling!).  but this week i actually won!!  totally took me by surprise but i was VERY happy!  here’s the winning sketch, done in 0.3mm rough pencils and a Pentel brush pen!

the night quickly wrapped up after this with some 10 minute sketches.  looking forward to next month’s!

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ask yourself

there’s that phrase, “just put yourself in their shoes” and i think that’s great.  i’ve done that and it really helps to understand the other person’s perspective.  here’s another tactic i like to use, “what would <insert your role model’s name here> do?”  and before you ask, no, i never really ask what would Batman do!  but in the work place and when dealing with various types of people, i do find Picard’s leadership style quite useful.  but as for a relationship, i’m not sure who’s a good role model to have.  in all honestly, your best bet might be, “if she fell in love with me, then what would the ideal version of myself do?”

before you criticize, i swear i drew a decent looking Picard before!  for this strip, i did very rough outlines in pencil and then went straight to inking.  with Picard, that was straigh to ink with a 0.1 Copic multiliner!

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i know

as much as i can, i try to get it from the ladies perspective too.  of course, i can only hypothesize so far.  what i can say though, from a guy’s perspective, is that yes, it does feel good to be noticed.  so, go ahead and take note of all those hours either in the gym or on the couch.  and i’m not going to pretend that as a guy, we don’t put some serious thought into which t-shirt to wear that gives the right amount of clashing with the rest of our outfit.  almost everything we do too, is meant to draw some sort of reaction.  so, if you like what you, go ahead and make it noticeable.  we thank you.

a bit of continuation from last week’s, i like how the two strips almost fit together.  the original thought for this was have the three girls running on a treadmill as the guy walks by, but got to thinking if all that extra background would help.  looking at this strip now, i think it actually might’ve.

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