it’s a bird, it’s a plane!

gah, am i tired!!  coing off of the three day Megacon event of orlando, i’m just pooped!  and sorry to say, we’re back to our normal schedule of new finn comic update on mondays.  of course, check below for new random pieces of art!

i was having this recent discussion lately with friends how it seems like younger men (say under 30) actually try to hide it when they are admiring a female.  on the other hand, there seems to be this magic age that once you pass it (say over 30) that men no longer care if they get caught looking, they just do it anyways.  no pretenses, no sudden darting away of the eyes – just, “that’s right, i’m checking you out and there’s nothing you can do about it.”  right or wrong?  i say, be gentlemen and keep it discreet if you even have to.

i’ve been drawing from models or poses for quite a long time and this is the first one i’ve done without that aid.  turned out pretty good i think, with pretty natural body movement and postures.  it’s a good sign for me i’m moving in the right direction!  critiques are welcome!

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